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First Thursday’s ‘Make Your Own…’

The First Thursday of every month we offer 30 minute glass blowing sessions, one-on-one with an instructor. Each month we offer something different to make whether it be a cup, paperweight, ornament, pumpkin, etc. Sessions run from 5pm-9pm or later. You must call or stop in to sign up, times fill up quickly. $40 per session

*We offer this special on some Saturdays through out the month. Call for details on other date and time availability.

Torchwork Classes


2 Hour Workshop  /  $100

This class exposes students to lampworking without the commitment of a 16 hour class. Students will learn basic technique and concepts such as safety, torch adjustment, and tool usage. In addition, hands on work with borosilicate glass, making beads, icicles and marbles.

*We recommend you book ahead of time.

Introduction to Flameworking

(12 hours/$250 or private instruction for $475)

This course will cover shop safety, torch set-up and shop set-up. Students will learn flame adjustment, heat transfer and simple welds with rod and color.

Working directly over a torch, students will work with borosilicate glass making pendants, teardrops, marbles and much more. This class will give you the foundation needed to go on to other levels in lampworking

The Group class is given the last Saturday and Sunday of every other month. It runs from 10 AM to 4 PM both days.

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Beginner Beadmaking

(4 hours/ $150)

This class teaches you how to make wonderful glass beads. You will learn how to prepare mandrals and apply glass evenly to form round beads. Using rods and frit to achieve different patterns on beads, you will leave with a handful of colorful beads and a smile on your face.

*Call to sign up. We offer this class a couple times a year.



Furnace Classes

2 Hour Workshop / $200

In this workshop, you and a staff member will work together to create paperweights, ornaments, floats or candy dishes. This is a great way to satisfy your curiosity about playing with molten glass.

*Please call to schedule.


Beginner Hotshop Class / 12 hours $550 Private or $250 Group

This class is splits into 3 four hour sessions, with no more than 3 students per group class. The group class is held on the last three Saturday’s of each month.  Private classes are scheduled based on instructor availability.

This class is geared towards getting you past the basics of tool usage, color application and the step-by-step basic process of creating glass blown art. You will leave this class with basic knowledge of how hotshop glassblowing works and take home your own creations such as paperweights , ornaments, floats, cups, small bowls and vases.

First Class: Paperweights

Second Class: Ornaments/Floats

Third Class: Cups/Small Bowls & Vases

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