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Matching Results: Vases and Bowls

Blue Crackle Vase

Blue Crackle Vase$100

This handblown glass vase is a traditional Italian amphora vessel shape in a nice cobalt blue color. After being shaped and almost finished it is dipped in water while at about 1700 degrees to create a crackle effect. It is quickly reheated to 2300 degrees to keep it together. A truly beautiful piece made by […]

Yellow Amphora Vase

Yellow Amphora Vase$250

This handblown glass vase is in the style of a traditional Italian amphora vessel. Made in a vibrant transparent yellow with a pink rim makes this piece very sexy and sleek. This piece is sure to grab your attention as you walk into the room. Dimensions: 12.5″ tall x 6″ wide at top, 3″ wide […]

Yellow Banana Vase

Yellow Banana Vase$350

Tall banana colored vase with a wide bottom that tapers to bottle neck which is capped by a small organic sculpture. Made by Filip Vogelpohl 14″ tall 7 1/2″wide.

Frosted Green Vase

Frosted Green Vase$350.00

A vase with a frosted surface that has a large base that tapers off to a bottleneck which is cappped by a small organic sculpture. Made by Filip Vogelpohl 13 1/2″ tall 6 1/2 wide

Blue Fish Scale Vase

Blue Fish Scale Vase$195

This beauty is made from soft glass by Filip Vogelpohl. It is a tall vase with a powdery baby blue and white pattern. A real beauty! Dimensions: 4 1/2″ wide (at most narrow), 6″ wide (at widest), 14″ tall

Amber with Iridescent Sheen Vase

Amber with Iridescent Sheen Vase$150

This soft glass vase was blown in our studio with a elegant transparent amber color. There is a purple iridescent sheen to the vase in the right lighting. Please note that the photo makes this effect seem more intense than it looks in person.  Artist: Filip Vogelpohl Dimensions: 10 1/2″ tall, 7 1/2″ at widest point […]

White and Green Basket Vase

White and Green Basket Vase$150

This round vase is white with a unique fishscale pattern done in a sparkly green. Made in our studio from soft glass. Artist: Filip Vogelpohl Dimensions: 8″ tall, 7 1/2″ round at widest point, opening is 4 1/2″ round.

Tall Smokey Amethyst and Orange Vase

Tall Smokey Amethyst and Orange Vase$175

This classically shaped vase has a very unique smoky amethyst coloring with a transparent quality. There is a unique random orange wrap that makes this piece truely unique. Made from softglass at the Boise Art Glass studio. Artist: Filip Vogelpohl Dimensions: 12 1/2″ tall, 6″ round at widest point.

Round Cobalt Vase with Turquoise and Yellow Details

Round Cobalt Vase with Turquoise and Yellow Details$150

This blue vase has unique yellow and turquoise line detailing. Made out of soft glass, it is a round vase that is flattened, so it will fit comfortably on a mantel or a shelf.  This vase truly is one of a kind. Made by artist Filip Vogelpohl. Dimensions: 9″ wide at widest point and 8″ […]