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Organic Series #1

Organic Series #1$175

This pieces is made entirely from flameworked borosilicate glass which is then sandblasted to achieve the elegant matte finish. As with all pieces in this series, each piece boggles the mind as to what it could be; organisms in the ocean, life from another planet or microscopic cells living in our body. This piece is […]

Aztec Birds

Aztec Birds$125 each

These unique handblown glass birds are hollow bodied and sandblasted to give the nice frosted texture. Each bird has a unique stance, as well as different expression and color. They are self standing, able to balance on their feet. Birds are sold individually. Made by Filip Vogelpohl.

Skull with Antlers

Skull with Antlers$1500

Exquisite hand blown, one of a kind, sculpted Skull with Antlers. The hollow skull and the sculpted antlers were blown on the torch, and then fused together in the flame. The clear sculpture is sandblasted to give a soft yet striking appearance. Product Information: Height 31”  Width 34” Depth 7”

Elephant Dagger

Elephant Dagger$1200

This Elephant Dagger is handmade on the torch with borosilicate glass/Pyrex. To get the dagger to a fine point, the glass was ground by hand on a lapidary wheel. The frosty look was achieved through sandblasting. Product Information: Height 16″ Tall, Width 1.75″, Depth 1.75″ Comes with stand. Stand base 3-1/4″ x 3-7/8″ x 9-3/4″ […]