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Blue Crackle Vase

Blue Crackle Vase$100

This handblown glass vase is a traditional Italian amphora vessel shape in a nice cobalt blue color. After being shaped and almost finished it is dipped in water while at about 1700 degrees to create a crackle effect. It is quickly reheated to 2300 degrees to keep it together. A truly beautiful piece made by […]

Yellow Amphora Vase

Yellow Amphora Vase$250

This handblown glass vase is in the style of a traditional Italian amphora vessel. Made in a vibrant transparent yellow with a pink rim makes this piece very sexy and sleek. This piece is sure to grab your attention as you walk into the room. Dimensions: 12.5″ tall x 6″ wide at top, 3″ wide […]

Vortex Marble Wine Stoppers

Vortex Marble Wine Stoppers$40

Hand blown glass vortex marble attached to a bottle stoppers. Use this stopper to seal an unfinished bottle of wine or add to the top of any bottle for decor. Available in most colors, made to order. Product Information: 4.25″ tall by 1.5″ wide

Honey Pots

Honey Pots$40

These honeypots are made from flameworked borosilicate glass, also known as Pyrex. Intended for daily use. They are very durable, dishwasher safe, and when your honey crystallizes stick it in the microwave and viola, good as new. Includes small pot, lid and wooden honey stirrer. Each item is custom made to order and so may […]

Organic Series #1

Organic Series #1$175

This pieces is made entirely from flameworked borosilicate glass which is then sandblasted to achieve the elegant matte finish. As with all pieces in this series, each piece boggles the mind as to what it could be; organisms in the ocean, life from another planet or microscopic cells living in our body. This piece is […]

Small Fish

Small Fish$30

Each fish is handblown, having a hollow base and solid appendages. They come in a variety of color combinations and can be made to order. Due to the variety of choices that we have, keep in mind that these are made to order & are handmade in our studio. So please allow time for your […]

Small Hanging Jellyfish

Small Hanging Jellyfish$40.00

These small intricate Jellyfish are all blown out of borosilicate glass. Each Jellyfish is unique in color and design and come with a supporting stand on which they hang. Any color combination is available upon request. Due to the variety of choices that we have, keep in mind that these are made to order & […]

Yellow Banana Vase

Yellow Banana Vase$350

Tall banana colored vase with a wide bottom that tapers to bottle neck which is capped by a small organic sculpture. Made by Filip Vogelpohl 14″ tall 7 1/2″wide.

Frosted Green Vase

Frosted Green Vase$350.00

A vase with a frosted surface that has a large base that tapers off to a bottleneck which is cappped by a small organic sculpture. Made by Filip Vogelpohl 13 1/2″ tall 6 1/2 wide

Seascape with Turtles

Seascape with Turtles$250

Handblown glass turtles on a colorful glass column with sea life decoration. Made by Filip Vogelpohl. Size: 3″w x 8.5″t